System Accessories
AAir Purification Systems offers specialty
accessories from the following manufacturers:

From Nordfab comes America's premier clamp-together duct system, Laser Quick-Fit. Q-F's advanced Laser Welding technology benefits industrial ventilation systems with stronger, Laser Welded longitudinal seams; smooth, no-hang-up interiors; smooth world class exterior finishes to look as good as they work; air-tight longitudinal seams; rounder circumferences for easier clamping and tighter adjustable nipple seals; and virtual seamlessness with fewer bug harbors or snag opportunities.

As a part of a world-wide manufacturer of technical and industrial hose, Masterduct offers U.S. customers a wide range of innovative hose products for industrial applications. The company's polyurethane and mechanically locked fabric hoses are backed by technologically advanced engineering design.

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