Air Cleaners
AAir Purification Systems offers a wide selection of
air cleaners products from the following manufacturers:

Media and Cartridge Air Cleaners. Airflow Systems has helped a diverse range of customers save millions of dollars as facilities managers, shop foreman, and others responsible for worker productivity seek answers to indoor air quality challenges. Airflow has met the challenges of companies ranging from small fabrication shops to Fortune 500 corporations covering a broad industrial base.

Electrostatic Air Cleaners. For over 40 years Plymovent brings a wealth of proven experience to the solving of air pollution problems. Plymovent Electrostatic Filters are equipped with robust electrostatic cells of the industrial type. An electrostatic filter normally has a long life and so is a real money-saver. As heating costs increase, your savings by cleaning and recirculating the air will also increase. Plymovent offers you a clean working environment at the right price.

High-Efficiency Filter Panels. Established in 1982, Engineering Dymanics, Ltd. manufactures Dynamic Air Cleaners with a unique polarizing technology to solve indoor air quality issues in virtually all types of applications. With its patented technology, the Dynamic panel is the world's only slide-in permanent filter panel in place of a throwaway filter with the efficiency to stop smoke: it is a revolutionary filter with the capacity to duplicate the performance of much more expensive electrostatic precipitators.

Home Air Cleaners. Honeywell is a diversified technology and manufacturing leader of quality products, integrated system solutions and services to customers around the world. Based in Morris Township, N.J., Honeywell employs approximately 100,000 people in 95 countries. Honeywell manufactures premium quality air cleaners for the consumer market.

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