Dust Collectors
AAir Purification Systems offers a wide selection of
dust collection products from the following manufacturers:

Airflow Systems has helped a diverse range of customers save millions of dollars as facilities managers, shop foreman, and others responsible for worker productivity seek answers to indoor air quality challenges. Airflow has met the challenges of companies ranging from small fabrication shops to Fortune 500 corporations covering a broad industrial base.

With sales offices and manufacturing plants throughout the world, Farr is one of the leading authorities on filtration equipment of all types. Farr is always looking for new oportunities to meet the ever increasing demands for a cleaner environment and more efficient operation.

Filter 1 is an engineering and manufacture company that provides air filtration solutions for all areas of industry. Designed to provide safe and effective collection of contaminants that meets or exceeds OSHA standards, Filter 1's products range from cartridge and cyclone collectors to tables and benches with integral dust collectors to environmental dust control booths and wet dust collection systems. Filter 1 specializes in custom-engineered systems to meet unique needs, whether for military operations, major airlines, or small industrial shops.

For over 40 years Plymovent brings a wealth of proven experience to the solving of air pollution problems. Based on vast experience from worldwide applications, the MultiDust™ Bank gives you the latest technology, the third generation flexible cartridge system. Together with the MultiDust™ Bank comes the experience, technical knowhow and support that has made Plymovent the supplier of the widest production range available for controlling industrial pollution.

AerPro Air Cleaning Solutions, Inc. provides both high-volume contaminant dust collectors and mist collectors that improve worker productivity while reducing facility maintenance costs. The AerPro SB Series, Shaker Bag Dust/Smoke Collectors, provide current technology in a compact and inexpensive solution to in-plant dust and smoke problems.

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