Wet Collectors / Scrubbers
AAir Purification Systems offers a wide selection of
wet collectors and scrubbers from the following manufacturers:

Duall Division is a leading manufacturer of air and water quality control systems for the treatment of odors, corrosive fumes and toxic gas in industrial and municipal applications. Our major products include dry scrubbers, mist eliminators, fume and emergency gas wet scrubbers, wet dust collectors and particulate control systems, odor control wet scrubbers, aeration towers, degasifiers, and corrosion resistant ducting and exhaust fans.

Filter 1 is an engineering and manufacture company that provides air filtration solutions for all areas of industry. Filter 1 offers a variety of products that meet OSHA standards, ranging from tables and benches with integral dust collectors to environmental dust control booths and wet dust collection systems.

AerPro Air Cleaning Solutions, Inc. provides both high-volume contaminant dust collectors and mist collectors that improve worker productivity while reducing facility maintenance costs. The WetAer Series is designed for safe and efficient collection of dusts from various metal working applications such as grinding, deburring, polishing, lapping, and sanding.

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