Introducing the new LFK U portable filter system. This new system is rated the highest for virus filtration. Anyone in the dental field can benefit from this technology by keeping themselves, and their patients safe. With new guidelines in place for dentists and dental hygienists to start opening, this virus filtration system will make sure you get the best in dental COVID protection.

Industrial Air Filtration Systems in the Southwest US and MexicoIndustrial Air Filtration Systems in the Southwest US and Mexico

Serving Clients Throughout Southern California, Mexico, and Arizona
AAir Purification Systems is your complete resource for air filtration and ventilation solutions. From design to turnkey installation, we meet the air handling needs of our industrial and commercial customers at-scale. From protecting indoor air quality to purifying the air before it’s released into the atmosphere, our capabilities address any air quality concerns. Consult with our experts today! We serve the entire American Southwest and Mexico

We’re a full-service industrial air filtration and air purification equipment designer and installer with over 50 years of industry experience.
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Air quality is a serious subject affecting everything from health, to the environment, to safety, and more.

Whether you operate a machine shop, manufacture pharmaceuticals, process foodstuffs, or run a commercial facility, the integrity of your air should be a top concern. It starts by addressing all types of dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), fumes, and other contaminants.

AAir Purification Systems is proud to be a distributor and mechanical contractor for air cleaning and industrial air purifying systems spanning a broad range of industries. We provide customers with state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient equipment, including turnkey installations spanning a wide variety of facilities that includes





Manufacturing Facilities

Mining Operations

Auto Service Facilities

Machine Shops

Pharmaceutical Production

Vitamin Production

Food Production

Electronics Manufacturing

Fire and Emergency Response

And More

We’re the premier resource for industrial and commercial systems, including:

Dust collector systems

Air cleaners/ filtration equipment

Industrial ventilation equipment

Air pollution control equipment

Gas and odor (VOC) control equipment

Fume & Vehicle exhaust extraction

Spray Paint Booths

Industrial/Commercial Vacuum Systems

Address Your Air Quality

If you require a customized air handling solution to reduce pollution and improve safety for your industrial, commercial, or fire and emergency response facilities, contact us today. We promise tailored solutions that work. With facilities located in San Diego, Tijuana, and Phoenix, we have the personnel and crews to serve Southern California, Mexico, and the state of Arizona!

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We provide solutions that get the job done.

Make the quality and integrity of your facility’s air a top priority, regardless of the pollutants present. Consult with AAir Purification Systems to understand what your facility needs and learn more about how to address your specific air quality concerns.

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We have locations in Southern California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Mexico. We serve the needs of customers throughout the Southwestern United States and Mexico.


Our systems are tailored for industrial manufacturing facilities, commercial environments, fabrication shops, factories and more, regardless of industry.


We strive to always promote OSHA compliance regarding air handling and indoor air quality in commercial and industrial buildings.


We strongly believe in curbing the environmental impact of industrial manufacturing fumes through the proper control and elimination of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and harmful particulate matter, such as smoke and dust.