Introducing the Air King ION-AX32

While the COVID-19 pandemic we are dealing with has brought new obstacles for us all, this has also resulted in a high level of continued interest in the needlepoint bi-polar ionizations (NPBI) technology that we are able to incorporate into our units. As we have shared previously, the ionizers used in our units are tested and proven to inactivate the actual virus that causes COVID-19 @ 99.4%. As the first industrial air cleaner manufacturer in the industry to offer this technology in our units many months ago, it has been very rewarding to work with many of you in offering this solution as an option to your end customers. While this is by no means a “silver bullet” that can eliminate transmission of the virus altogether, knowing that we offer a proven technology that is able to reduce the level of risk to make a difference in the lives of others is something we feel very good about.

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