Plymovent Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems

Vehicle exhaust removal hoses and emissions containment systems are essential in any setting where automotive work is done. AAir Purification Systems designs and installs systems specific to your automotive needs, including for emergency vehicles, fleet vehicles, general automotive repair and heavy equipment.

Emergency Vehicle Exhaust Removal SystemsEmergency vehiclesEmergency Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems

Emergency vehicles

We’re the authority on vehicle exhaust collection and removal systems for firehouses and other emergency vehicle bays. We can outfit your facilities with a straight rail system for drive-through application, as well as individual control arms and vertical stacks—all with quick-release mechanisms for rapid exit.

Repair shop exhaust

Exhaust is a clear concern in automotive repair facilities. We install both overhead and underground hose systems, and can also supply you with a portable system for vehicle exhaust management. Our goal is to install systems with extended area coverage for maximum convenience.

Heavy equipment

Our scope of experience includes installing exhaust removal systems for heavy machinery, including construction vehicles. We take into account the size and output of these vehicles, ensuring you have a reliable system to handle their emissions.

Emergency Vehicle Exhaust System

Plymovent emergency vehicle exhaust STRA Rail.

Fleet vehicle exhaust

We’ve designed and installed vehicle exhaust removal equipment for fleet vehicle bays in both public and private sectors. From individual bay systems to railed hoses, we conform our installation to the exhaust mitigation needs of your particular facilities.

From hose drops to retractable reels, AAir Purification Systems will ensure your facilities are being outfitted with the right exhaust removal system to support your operations. Contact us today to begin designing the optimal emission collection system and our team will bring it to life for you.

Serving Clients Throughout Southern California, Mexico, and Arizona

emergency vehicle exhaust system

Emergency Vehicle Exhaust System

Plymovent emergency vehicle exhaust system features a Straight Rail System for Drive Thru application. Plymovent is the world leader of emergency, vehicle exhaust systems with over 1,000 systems just in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

fire house exhaust system

Fire House Exhaust System

Fire apparatus with vertical stack in a VSR Plymovent system.

vehicle exhaust system

Vehicle Exhaust System

Dealership with single blower with Plymovent SER 650 hose reels.

AAir Purification Systems has facilities located in San Diego, CA, along with Tijuana and Phoenix, with the personnel and crews to serve Southern California, Mexico, and the state of Arizona! Contact us today!

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